• CASE Graders

CASE Graders


Tier 4 Final

The patented FPT Hi-eSCR is the key for performance and success.
The CASE grader is the only one in the market satisfying the restrictive TIER 4 final demands with SCR-only after treatment technology.

None of the others can provide such a smart solution hugely cost efficient thanks to the following exclusivities:

• No DPF regeneration during the working activities means no waste of Fuel
• No DPF filter periodical replacement
• No need of double stage after treatment DPF+SCR
• The FPT engine implies no gas recirculation improving consequently the combustion efficiency
• Neat engine layout thanks to the after treatment small size
• Lower engine cooling requirement and consequently smaller radiator size for better rear visibility and easy cleaning

Under 15000 KG:

Over 15000 KG: