CX80C MSR (Swing Boom)

CX80C MSR (Swing Boom)

Operating Load: 8640 kg

Digging Depth (short arm): 4180 mm


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  • cx80c midi excavator
  • CASE CX80C excavator
  • CX80C CASE Excavator
  • CX80C SR Mono Boom


Weight 8640 Kg
Engine Isuzu (Turbo) Tier 4F EU Stage IIIB
Power 41 kW / 55 hp 
Digging depth (short arm)
4180 mm


No DPF regeneration with DOC-only solution
Our midis meet Tier 4 Final regulations without the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This means no need for filter regeneration, no fuel used to burn particulate matter and no need to replace an expensive DPF.

Emissions are minimised by cutting fuel consumption with an efficient common rail engine and an advanced variable control Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system.

Then, a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) reduces the pollutants in the exhaust gas through a chemical reaction.
The DOC does not need to be replaced; it lasts the whole machine’s life cycle.
This system is highly efficient and very simple.

Power is always available…

C-Series mid-size excavators feature a highly reliable 4-cylinder 56 hp Isuzu Motor engine. The turbo-charged system together with the inter-cooler ensure a prompt and powerful response to loads and contributes to generating more power out of every drop of fuel.

…and fuel is only used when needed!

The standard Auto-Idle system saves fuel and cuts emissions by automatically reducing engine speed (up to 1200 rpm) after 5 seconds of machine inactivity. If this continues for a certain period of time, the idle shut down function detects the continuous low idle condition and automatically stops the engine, further reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Both auto-idle and idle shut down functions can easily be de-activated from the instrument cluster. The multi-stage injection of the electronic common rail engine ensures optimised combustion resulting in great fuel economy, less particulate emissions and lower noise.

Three different working modes (SP, H, Auto) add more fuel savings without compromising on performance.


More hydraulic power

The hydraulic system has been optimised to deliver even better manoeuvrability and cycle times up to 7% faster than the B-Series. And increased cycle time are up to 7%. Great hydraulic power is supported by the increased hydraulic oil flow (148 l/min): + 9% vs B-Series.

More digging force

With increased arm breakout force (+ 3 %), cycle times are reduced and the job gets done faster.
• Bucket digging force 56.9 kN
• Arm digging force 39.5 kN

Optimised hydraulics management

The innovative pump transition reduction control is a very accurate system that continuously monitors machine operations and then decreases pump loads whenever possible. As a result, hydraulic power is available on demand and fuel consumption is minimised.

More working hours without refuelling

120 litre fuel tank: +20% vs B-Series = more uptime!
The optional fuel tank refill pump adds to the operator’s satisfaction.

Improved blade performance

A longer blade provides increased stability when working on slopes and allows to climb on higher piles. In addition, the blade curve has been redesigned so that mud does not piles on the blade frame.


  • Tier 4 final (stage III b) Isuzu au-4le2x engine: – 41,2 kw
    – 2,2 l hydraulics
  • Water-cooled, 4-stroke diesel, 4-cylinders in line
  • High capacity fuel tank 120 l


  • Two-speed hydrostatic transmission, with variable displacement axial piston motor and automatic travel speed shifting
  • Mechanical disc brakes in oil bath
  • Final drive with planetary gear reduction in oil bath


Open-center system, two variable displacement axial piston pumps with regulating system for fast cycles and simultaneous movements + 1 independent gear pump for dozer blade operations 3 operating modes (auto, heavy, speed priority)


  • Arm 2.2 m (mono boom)
  • Front stone guard (opg level 2)
  • Front mesh guard


  • 600 mm steel tracks
  • 450 mm rubber link track


  • Rear view camera
  • Electric refuel pump
  • Radio fm/am


  • Boom and arm safety valve & warning device for safe lifting operations
  • Bucket or clamshell circuit
  • Low flow – electrical proportional control
  • Hammer circuit hydraulic control (Mono boom – pedal control)
  • Hammer circuit electrical proportional control (Mono boom – joystick control)
  • Hammer/high flow circuit electrical proportional control (Mono boom – bi directional oil flow)

 The Hanlon CASE Dealership Provides CX80C Sales, Servicing, Parts & Maintenance In These Areas:

North London and Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.